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The Last Days 
21st Mar, 2007 @ 10:37 pm [1500 pages, 2006-2007, 50 books, authors: westerfield]
The Last Days by Scott Westerfield.

Started: Unknown
Finished: Unknown
320 pages
Book #11

omething horrifying is bubbling up from the earth, and vampires stalk the streets of New York--but in this electric sequel to Peeps (2005), Moz and his buddy Zahler think only of forming a band. One night Moz, with the help of passerby Pearl, rescues a Fender Stratocaster guitar. Like Moz, Pearl is a musician, and a band is born. Soon the band recruits a singer, a Peep with her parasite mostly under control, and a drummer who literally sees the music and the terrifying things it attracts. Eventually it becomes clear that the new band will play a key role in the coming struggle against the powerful evil. Westerfeld continues his captivating, original vision, improving it in this tightly plotted sequel. The new characters are engaging, and the breezy dialogue is graced with both unique slang and a touch of humor. Teen will savor the picture of a band finding its sound while saving the world. Both new readers and Peeps fans will eat this up.

I really enjoyed The Last Days. I read it ages ago, shortly after I finished Peeps, actually. I just am teh-suck at posting about books as I read them, unfortunately. Anyways, this book was written in a really cool way, describing the trasnformation from human to peep. Music was a big part of this book, and it constantly made me think of one of my girlfriends. It was very down to earth (er, other than the fact that giant worms were coming up from underground to kill everyone). I just felt that this book was incredibly creative on Westerfield's part and he did a fantastic job with it. GO READ IT :P

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