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Where the Heart Is 
21st Mar, 2007 @ 10:25 pm [15000 pages, 2006-2007, 50 books, authors: letts, hhs bookclub]
Where the Heart Is by Billie Letts.

Started: 10 March 2007 (ish)
Finished: 21 March 2007
384 pages
Book #09

The description for this book is actually quite long from Amazon so I'll just let you click the above link if you're interested.

I wasn't very impressed with this book. It's for book club, so there was never a question on if I would read it or not. I got it right after the last book club meeting, and finished it today...the day before we discuss it. Anyways, it looked cute: a 7-month pregnent 17-year old girl gets abondened at a Wal-Mart...what a not so good situation. Anyways, I felt like there was a lot of potential for this book and the author just didn't do much with it. The book spans over 7 years, and just...meh. It jumps around too much for my tastes. As a reader I felt detatched from the characters, which isn't a very good thing--it felt like I was reading newspaper articles about them. Newspaper articles aren't very interesting. So anyways, I wouldn't bother reading this if I were you~

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